Harvard Apparatus offers QuikPrep SpinColumns to suit a variety of sample sizes from 10 µl to 150 µl, either as single columns or high throughput 96-well plates. Our spin columns are prefilled with your choice of a wide selection of chromatographic materials for use in ion exchange chromatography, normal or reverse phase chromatography, gel filtration chromatography, affinity chromatography and more. Empty spin columns are also available.


Empty Chromatography SpinColumns Harvard Apparatus spin columns are designed for the purification of small samples and are --> Learn More
Activated Charcoal SpinColumns SpinColumns with activated charcoal packing materials can be used for DNA, protein and peptide --> Learn More
Cellulose and Detergent Removal SpinColumns SpinColumns with cellulose or detergent removal matrices for special uses. Learn More
Anion Exchange Chromatography SpinColumns Anion Exchange SpinColumns are filled with a positively charged resin to attract negatively --> Learn More
Cation Exchange Chromatography SpinColumns Cation Exchange Columns are filled with a negatively charged resin to attract positively --> Learn More
Gel Filtration SpinColumns Gel Filtration SpinColumns can be used for protein purification, buffer exchange, desalting, --> Learn More
Normal Phase Chromatography SpinColumns Normal phase chromatography uses a spin column packed with a stationary polar phase, and a --> Learn More
Reverse Phase Chromatography SpinColumns These SpinColumn are packed with a stationary non-polar phase. Reverse phase matrixes include: --> Learn More

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