Lung Weight Measurement (Edema Balance) Option for IPL-2 or IPL-4

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The weight measurement-edema balance option can be added to an IPL-2 or IPL-4 core system for mouse, rat, guinea pig or rabbit lungs. It requires the the 73-4626 PLUGSYS EdemaBalance Module (EBM), which includes the sensor.

  • Continuously monitor and measure edema formation over time. 
  • Raw data is weight; calculated value is weight change over time (dW/dT). 
  • Assess vascular permeability by calculating the filtration coefficient derived from weight changes induced by increasing and decreasing perfusion pressure. 
  • Range of ±10 or ±22 g; displacement 23 m/gm. 
  • Measure changes of less than 20 mg.

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