Hugo Sachs’ IPL Series of isolated lung perfusion systems are designed to enhance the ease of acquisition and quality of data for researchers in pulmonary physiology. These modular systems provide a full range of in-depth respiratory mechanics and are tailored for specific species from mouse to pig. Core systems can be supplemented with a comprehensive range of application-specific additions and options. 

Systems begin at basic perfusion and ventilation. The addition ofmeasurement devices, signal conditioning equipment and data acquisitionsoftware provide a superior solution for virtually any study. Building yoursystem is as simple as selecting the core system for your lung model andthen adding various options to suit the particular needs of your study.Should any questions arise, our expert team of scientists and engineers isalways ready to assist you with system configuration, application supportor custom design requests.

To ensure that your system is properly configured as a functional unit that meets your application needs, please complete the Checklist at the end of our catalog and then contact Technical Services at 800-547-6766 or or via email at before placing an order. In Europe, please call +49 7665 92000 or email at

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Background Information

             Overview of Isolated Lung Perfusion Systems

             Constant Flow vs. Constant Pressure Perfusion in Lungs