The Most Functionally Diverse Isolated Lung System for Rat and Guinea Pig

IPL-2 is an ex vivo lung perfusion (EVLP) system designed for rat and guinea pig lung. Guinea pig IPL preparations are preferred for inhalation studies while rat lungs, popular for use in pulmonary metabolism studies, are an ideal size for ease of preparation and cost-effectiveness. The core system can be initially configured with various system options or upgraded later as your needs change. The system can be modified to accommodate mouse lung.

To ensure that your system is properly configured as a functional unit that meets your application needs, please complete the Checklist at the end of our catalog and then contact Technical Services at 800-547-6766 or or via email at before placing an order. In Europe, please call +49 7665 92000 or email at

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Isolated Perfused Lung Systems for Rat and Guinea Pig (IPL-2)

IPL-2 Core Isolated Perfused Lung System for Rat or Guinea Pig IPL-2 is an ex vivo lung perfusion (EVLP) system designed for rat and guinea pig --> Learn More
Ventilation Options for IPL-2 For a functional IPL-2 unit the core system requires a suitable ventilation system. For only --> Learn More
Addition to Perfuse Mouse Lungs on IPL-2 Systems Add this option to run mouse perfused lung experiments on an IPL-2 system Learn More
Real-Time Flow Measurement Option for IPL-2, IPL-4 or IPL-16 Direct real-time flow measurement can be done with functional IPL-2, IPL-4 and IPL-16 systems --> Learn More
Venous Pressure Measurement Option for all IPL Systems This option provides a venous pressure transducer and amplifier for venous pressure --> Learn More
Perfusion Occlusion Option for IPL-2 Perfusion occlusion option for IPL-2 for double or individual occlusion: Allows --> Learn More
Perfusate Deoxygenation Option for IPL-1, IPL-2 and IPL-4 Add this option to IPL-1, IPL-2 and IPL-4 to deoxygenate blood or buffers containing proteins --> Learn More
pH Control Option for IPL-1 and IPL-2 This option controls and regulates the pH in the buffer solution by carefully bubbling it --> Learn More
Perfusion Solution Electrochemical Monitoring for All Isolated Organ Systems This option permits precise continuous monitoring and measurement of three key parameters, --> Learn More
Temperature Measurement Option for All Isolated Organ Systems Perfusate temperature can be measured in one of two ways: with the PLUGSYS Thermocouple --> Learn More

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