The Most Popular System for Simple Multi-Channel Compound Screening

The UP-100IH is a universal perfusion system adapted for basic Langendorff perfusion studies in rat, guinea pig, and juvenile rabbit heart.  It has a small footprint and small system volume (<30 ml), making it ideal for multi-channel compound screening that requires the basic measured parameters such as simple left ventricular pressure (Isovolumetric LVP), coronary flow, ECG Lead II measurements. The modular system can be additionally equipped with ECG lead II measurement, pacing, direct or indirect flow measurement, temperature measurement, metabolic monitoring, drug application via syringe pump, cell isolation. The UP-100IH can also be adapted to perfuse other organs like kidney or liver by adding more equipment e.g. moist chamber.  

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Universal Perfusion System for Rodent Langendorff Heart Perfusion (UP-100IH)

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