Food and Drink/Metabolism

OxyletPro System - Physiocage (Panlab) Flexible system for the evaluation of respiratory metabolism, food and drink intake and activity --> Learn More
OxyletPro System - Treadmill (Panlab) Complete solution for assessing respiratory metabolism in treadmill studies using the indirect --> Learn More
OxyletPro METABOLISM Software (Panlab) The METABOLISM Software is used for the configuration, the data acquisition and data analysis of --> Learn More
PheComp System (Panlab) The PHECOMP system is an innovative and appropriate equipment for measuring food/liquid --> Learn More
Compulse Software (Panlab) Compulse represents the software component of the Panlab PheCOMP system designed for the --> Learn More
ActiTrack Software (Panlab) Actitrack software controls the Panlab Infrared actimeter for the evaluation of activity and --> Learn More

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