Universal Rodent Restrainers

Price on Request

These Universal Rodent Restrainers have a unique raised inner floor which provides a better fit for smaller rodents and which may be removed for larger rodents. The inner floor is attached to the bottom by two nylon screws. Knurled, nickel-plated brass screws serve as base fasteners and legs. These Universal Rodent Restrainers are constructed of 6.4 mm (.25 in) thick, rigid, clear acrylic plastic. Openings in the headgate reduce restrictions on the rodent's breathing. Restrains mice down to 10 grams! 

  • Removable raised inner floor 
  • Adjustable headgate and removable tailgate 
  • Headgate fits into any of four positions for various sizes of rodents 
  • Tailgate allows maximum closeness of occluding cuff to body when testing indirect blood pressure 
  • Not autoclavable

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