TCAT-2 Temperature Controllers

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The TCAT-2 family of general purpose PID Autotuning Controllers provides accurate temperature control in a variety of laboratory applications. Combined with a heat lamp or heating pad, the TCAT-2 may be used to maintain the body temperature of anesthetized animals during surgery or stereotaxic procedures. Small animal cages are easily warmed with a heat lamp. The TCAT-2 may also be used in cooling applications, such as to control independent perfusate cooling systems.

  • Controls heat lamps or heating plate
  • Use for both heating and cooling applications
  • 110 to 230 VAC line operation
  • Control Range of -100 to +400°C
  • Resolution 0.1°C

We provide several versions of the TCAT Controller. Which model you select depends on your application.

Accessories for TCAT-2 Temperature Controller include a heat lamp and heating plates in two sizes.

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