Tabletop Anesthesia Systems with MiniVac Active Scavenging

Price on Request

The MiniVac Complete Anesthesia Systems include the MiniVac Gas Evacuation Unit and all of the additional components of a full anesthesia system from regulators, gas hose, and tubing, to vaporizers, flowmeters and nose cones.

The MiniVac Gas Evacuation Unit is an active delivery and scavenging device that substantially reduces the risk of exposure to anesthetic vapors from your surgical area. The MiniVac is self-contained, remedying the need for ducting or special ventilation that is traditional with active scavenging. This stand-alone device is ideal for labs that do not have dedicated ventilation systems to safely remove anesthetic gasses.

All systems include:

  • Small Anesthesia Bracket system for small rodents
  • Funnel-Fill Isoflurane Vaporizer with a 3-year warranty

Please see details for complete information about each system and the parts included.

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