Anesthetizing Chambers

Induction Chamber These clear, acrylic chambers are ideal for easy animal monitoring. • Ideal --> Learn More
Fluovac Anesthetizing Chambers and Scavenging Systems Fluovac Anesthetizing Chambers are designed to work specifically with the Fluovac. --> Learn More
Scavenged Anesthetizing Chambers Simply plug a size 1 mask into the rear socket and turn on the Fluovac and gas supply. Learn More
Anesthetizing Boxes These Anesthetizing Boxes are our most popular choice. Transparent --> Learn More
CO2 Chambers with Dump Door The dump door in these chambers enables CO2 to be cleared from the chamber --> Learn More
Anesthetic/CO2 Chambers These chamber have white 6 mm (0.24 in) Perspex walls; clear Perspex available by special --> Learn More

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