Stainless Steel Metal Micro Electrodes

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The stainless steel (Elgiloy) electrodes are widely used as the primary component for the ‘vibrating probe’ electrode. It is vibrated at a fairly high frequency and is used to record very small DC potentials. It is also use for Prussian blue staining around the tip by passing a small anodal current.

  • Outstanding for extracellular recording and micro-stimulation 
  • Unique, precision manufacturing process provides consistent repeatable tip profiles for superior performance
  • Select from 4 metals, 3 styles, and 4 tip profiles to meet almost any application
  • Gold-plated connector pins for superior electrical connections
  • Custom made probes readily available  

Available with Parylene-C insulation on the metal shaft. All of the microelectrodes are sharpened electrochemically and their tips are individually exposed under a microscope. Each is inspected to assure reproducible tip exposures and profile.

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