Pump 11 Elite / Pico Plus Elite OEM Open Baseplate Syringe Pump Module

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As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), your success depends on your reputation. And your reputation is literally built on your ability to consistently deliver reliable, quality products at competitive prices.

When it comes to manufacturing pumps, it is essential that you have best-in class components that offer flexibility, so you can satisfy your varying application needs. And, it is critical that the mechanisms you use consistently deliver the precise, accurate and reliable flow that your customers demand.

Wouldn’t it be nice to partner with a reputable vendor who could provide both proven, state-of-art mechanisms and the support you need to easily and affordably develop your fluidics analysis systems?

Harvard Apparatus has a wealth of experience in the development and manufacture of specialized fluidic systems. With a full line of OEM pumps, we offer the broadest selection of fluidics components, systems and specials. Whether your requirement is for a single order/one-time study or you need a fluidic module to integrate into your systems, we have the solution. And, we can readily customize to best meet your application needs.

Cited in thousands of studies across a myriad of applications, Harvard Apparatus pumps are best-in-class. In fact, from pre-clinical disease to microfluidic disease modeling to drug creation and drug testing, our syringe pumps are already relied upon globally by tens of thousands of scientists to reach their research objectives.

The Pump 11 Elite / Pico Plus Elite OEM Series of syringe pumps expands its capabilities to satisfy your syringe pump integration requirements.

This OEM Series of syringe pumps have a new mechanism that includes a tight gripping, more secure syringe clamp for syringes ranging from 0.5 ul to 60 ml (single syringe) and 0.5 ul to 10 ml (dual syringe).

The Pump 11 Elite Series offers enhanced flow performance with high accuracy and smooth flow from 1.28 pl/min to 88.28 ml/min (Pump 11 Elite) or 0.54 pl/min - 39.77 ml/min (Pico Plus Elite). The Pump 11 Elite/Pico Plus Elite Series is available with single or dual syringe racks. These innovative syringe pump components have advanced connectivity with a USB serial port for computer control and Digital I/O for remote control.

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