PLUGSYS Thermocouple Amplifier Module (TCAM)

Thermocouple Amplifier Module (TCAM)

For measuring temperature accurately with thermocouple probes

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73-1792 Thermocouple Amplifier Module (TCAM)
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The measurement of temperature on small structures requires probes of correspondingly small dimensions. With the Thermocouple Amplifier Module (TCAM) and a suitable thermocouple, there are virtually no limitations.

Thermocouple probes (Type T, copper constantan) are available in a wide range of forms. From the thinnest wires with a diameter of 0.23 mm (IT-23) to the largest rectal probe with 4 mm probe diameter (RET-1); a whole range of probes in different forms and dimensions can be supplied. The temperature probes are directly interchangeable and do not require individual calibration.

The range of the TCAM module covers 0°C to 100°C. In the physiological temperature range (30 to 45°C) the basic accuracy is 0.1°C; outside this range the accuracy is 0.2°C.The built-in digital display has a resolution of 0.1°C.

The TCAM module has an analogue output for connection to a recorder or data acquisition system. The recorder or acquisition system can easily be calibrated through a build-in simulation device with two adjustable temperature values. In addition, there is a zero suppression facility for recorders which permits recording temperatures within a limited range (e.g., 36 to 38°C) at a high resolution.

Analog Output For simultaneous recording using BNC connector on front panel
Calibration 2-point calibration with two freely selectable temperatures
Connector DIN 41612, 64-pin VG
Display 3-1/2 digit LED display
Input Floating differential input, max. isolation 1500 Vrms, transient protection to ANSI/IEEE C37.90. 1-1989, input protection to 240 VAC continuous
Input Connector Thermoelement connector blue, Cu/CuNi Range 0 to 100°C
Resolution 0.1°C Sensitivity 0.1°C in physiologic range between 30° and 45°C; 0.2°C outside this range
Response Time 0.2 sec (90% span)
PLUGSYS Width 2 slot units
TCAM_706E.PDFPLUGSYS Thermocouple Amplifier Module (TCAM) User's Manual, Version 1.0