PinPorts™ for Catheters and Tubing

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The Instech PinPort provides fast, aseptic access to externalized rodent catheters or tubing for dosing or blood sampling. It is designed for intermittent, manual access; it is not designed to be connected to a tether and swivel for removal or continuous access (see Vascular Access Harness or Vascular Access Button). The PinPort is available in white or red with 22 ga or 25 ga couples. Colors can be used to distinguish vessels. One injector works with all PinPort varieties.

  • Infuse or withdraw from the catheter in a fraction of the time it takes with plugs and blunt needles
  • The PinPort is a closed system that permits aseptic technique leading to reduced infection and improved patency
  • The injector is recessed and provides complete needle stick protection for the user

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