Tissue & Organ Baths

Perfusion Bath for Tubular Organs (PBTO) Designed for studying intraluminal perfused tubular organs such as trachea, atrial or --> Learn More
Steiert Organ Bath System Designed for simultaneous action potential and contraction force measurements on --> Learn More
Marsh Ganglion Bath Intended to test the action of drugs on the synaptic transmission or nerve conduction --> Learn More
Schuler Superfusion Cascade Bath System Permits testing of extremely small quantities of pharmaceuticals. Metabolites --> Learn More
Graz Tissue Bath System Flexible tissue bath system suitable for many standard pharmacological experiments to --> Learn More
Mayflower Horizontal Tissue Bath System For isometric contraction force measurements on small muscle preparations (urethra, --> Learn More
Coleman Superfusion Bath System Suitable for a variety of applications involving the study of contraction and --> Learn More
Schuler Tissue Bath System The Schuler tissue bath system is our most advanced and feature rich tissue bath --> Learn More

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