The Most Physiological Isolated Perfused Heart Model for Large Rodents

The Biventricular Isolated Working Heart perfusion system utilizes patented flow resistance and compliance chambers to faithfully mimic the in vivo cardiac preloads and afterloads for both normal and diseased states in medium to large models (rat, guinea pig, rabbit). The exclusive features of the system create the most physiological isolated heart environment closely resembling the actual resistance of the peripheral vasculature while allowing the entire heart to work as it does in vivo, setting a new standard for isolated heart research.

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Biventricular Working Heart for Large Rodents (IH5-BI)

IH5-BI Biventricular Working Heart System for Rat, Guinea Pig and Rabbit IH-BI Biventricular Working Heart System for rat, guinea pig and rabbit provides a --> Learn More

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