Fear Conditioning

Startle and Fear Combined System (Panlab) The StartFear Combined system is a polyvalent system for conducting both fear conditioning and --> Learn More
PACKWIN Software (Panlab) Handy software for standard operant conditioning and behavioral procedures en small laboratory --> Learn More
Shocker (Panlab) The LE 100-26 is an electric shock generator used in a wide variety of Panlab apparatus for --> Learn More
Habitest Modular System - FreezeFrame Fear Conditioning (Coulbourn) The Habitest system combined with the FreezeFrame software provides all the options needed for --> Learn More
TruScan System (Coulbourn) The TruScan system is a versatile and simple system to monitor open field tests in rodents. Learn More
SMART Video Tracking System (Panlab) SMART is a complete and user-friendly video-tracking system for evaluating behavior in --> Learn More

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