Millar Pressure Volume Systems - Cables and Adapters

Millar Pressure Volume Systems - Cables and Adapters

Millar Pressure Volume Systems - Cables and Adapters

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
72-7169 CEC-10PV Ventri-Cath to MPVS Ultra Extension Cable, 10ft
72-9816 PEC-10D -Pressure Extension Cable -Low Profile 10 ft
72-9839 CEC-10E -PV Extension Cable, 10 ft
72-9826 PEC-4D -Pressure Extension Cable, Redel -Low Profile 4 ft
72-9838 CEC-4E -PV Extension Cable, 4 ft
72-9837 EPC-10UT -ECG Cable 10 ft unterminated
72-9725 PVAN Ultra SOFTWARE CD
72-9822 Rat Large Volume Calibration Cuvette
72-9735 Mouse Calibration Cuvette
72-9726 RHO CUVETTE w/ Well and Cable Kit
72-9836 BNC Cable Pack-STD. (13 BNC-BNC 3 ft)
72-9728 BNC Cable Pack-PowerLab (10 BNC-BNC 9 in, 1 BNC-BNC 1 ft, 2 BNC-BNC 3 ft)
72-9727 Ultra Cable Pack 10 ft (CEC-10E PV Cable, PEC-10D)
72-9835 Ultra Cable Pack 4 ft (CEC-4E PV Cable, PEC-4D)
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• Real-time pressure-volume measurement at
the source
• High-frequency response
• No motion artifact or damping of pressure signal
• Minimally invasive
• Small and large animal capabilities
• Software controlled user interface
• Comprehensive, easy-to-use analysis software

• Baseline P-V loop analysis
• Occlusion P-V loop analysis
• Phenotyping gene manipulations
• Cardiac hypertrophy
• Cardiac failure
• Cardiovascular remodeling
• Toxicology
• Pharmacology (rapid drug screening)
• Cardiac resynchronization therapy
• Surgical interventions
• Ischemia/reperfusion studies
Configuring your Pressure Volume System:

1. Choose the MPVS Ultra Single Segment when ONLY Single Segment PV catheters will be used (Mouse and Rat only)

2. Choose Your Calibration Cuvettes
– RHO Cuvette Kit can only be used when the Cardiac Output (CO) can be calculated via thermodilution (in animals larger than rat) or by direct flow measurement (TTFM)
• Choose the Rat Large Volume Cuvette and/or Mouse Calibration Cuvette when the CO cannot be determined

3. Choose PV Analysis Software
• PVAN Ultra Software (if using other than PowerLab)
• LabChart Pro with New PV LOOP MODULE (**must use Powerlab Data Acquisition)
• ISOHEART or HAEMODYN with PV Loop Module (**HSE data acquisition, also requires PVAN Ultra)

4. Choose Cable Packs
– First — choose 10ft or 4ft Ultra Cable Pack
– Second — choose data acquisition cable pack to connect MPVS to your Data Acquisition System:
– Powerlab BNC Cable Pack (9" BNC Cables x 10; 1ft x 1, 3ft BNC Cables x 2)
– Standard BNC Cable Pack (3ft BNC Cables x 13)

5. Choose your Catheters Based on your Application Specifications/Species
6. Choose your Data Acquisition System