WillCo Wells 35 and 50 mm Glass Bottom Cell Culture Dishes

WillCo Wells 35 and 50 mm Glass Bottom Cell Culture Dishes

High quality glass bottom polystyrene dishes are available in both 35 mm and 50 mm diameters.

  • Now available with black walls and lids!
  • Highest quality construction
  • With #1.5 thickness cover glass for microscope imaging
  • Pre-sterilized culture dishes via Gamma Irradiation
  • Glass bottom 35 mm D dishes
    • 12 mm diameter glass
    • 22 mm diameter glass
  • Glass bottom 50 mm D dishes
    • 30 mm diameter glass
    • 40 mm diameter glass

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-0757 Glass Bottom Cell Culture Dishes, Pouch Pack 20 Sterilized Dishes/Pouch, 35 x 9.9 mm (D x H), Glass Aperture 12 mm
64-0757B (DP3512P) Black Culture dish, 35 mm with 12 mm glass, 20 pack
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These dishes are available in both pouch pack (20/pouch) and individual blister pack (120/case). All dishes are sterilized before packaging via gamma irradiation. The 35 mm sizes are compatible with Warner's DH-35 and DH-35i Cell culture Dish Heaters as well as the QE-1 Quick Exchange platform for the Series 40 Chambers.

Now available with black walls and lids
Black wall-and-lid WillCo-dish® Glass Bottom dishes have a growing level of interest, especially from Live Cell Scientists. Black dishes only allow light to enter from the bottom aperture and they absorb more light inside the dish, they also provide better options for low light intensity control.

Willco 2

Black Wilco


Each dish has three different outer diameter measurements, the largest of which is a ledge that juts out 1 mm from the dish.
All the dishes have covers; the ledge provides a place for the cover to sit.

Wilco Wells Drawing

Order No.Dish formatA
Glass diameter
Base diameter
Ledge diameter
64-0757 35 12 mm 34 mm 35 mm 7 mm 10 mm
35 22 mm 34 mm 35 mm 7 mm 10 mm
64-0759 50 30 mm 49 mm 50 mm 5 mm 7 mm
64-0760 50 40 mm 49 mm 50 mm 5 mm 7 mm
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