Vogel Test - Home cage (Panlab)

Vogel Test - Home cage (Panlab)

A complete homecage system for running Vogel test as a standard for fast screening the potential anxiolytic properties of drugs.

  • Allows Vogel experiments directly into the animal's home cage
  • Exclusive nipple system to exclude non-specific contacts
  • Different cage available for rats and mice
  • Up to 32 cages can be used with the setting associated with a computer
  • Compatible with Laptop use

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
76-0316 Vogel Test set for Mouse (cage with nipple plus bottle and electric contacts for nozzle and grid). Also suitable for small Rats < 300 g.
76-0621 Vogel Test Set for Large Rats (cage with nipple plus bottle and electric contacts for nozzle and grid)
76-0156 (LINKBOX01) Link and Power (1 for up to 8 Modules/Cages)
76-0334 Shock Generator with Scrambler Plus Lick Detector (1 per cage)
76-0002 (PACKWIN V2.0) Software Platform for behavior/operant boxes - Needs Experimental Modules
76-0594 (PACKWINVT) PACKWIN Vogel Test Experimental Module (Standard Asistants and Data Reports for Pre-test y Test Protocols).
76-0592 (PACKWINCS) Customized Experimental Module (Fully Customizable Protocol and Data Report Edition)
76-0319 Spare Part: Vogel Test Nipple Plus Bottle
76-0320 Spare Part: Electric Contacts for Nozzle and Grid
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The Vogel test is a conflict test has become a standard for fast screening the potential anxiolytic properties of drugs. In this procedure, the drinking behavior is punished by mild electrical shocks leading to a significant reduction of water consumption in deprived animals. Drinking responses are then reestablished by drugs with anxiolytic properties.

The Panlab Vogel test consists of a standard home cage associated with a grid floor. An electronic unit associated with a special nipple ensures the detection and counting of the licks reflecting the animal drinking behavior. Using an exclusive nipple design, any casual and non-specific contacts of the animal with the nipple will not be considered as a drinking response.

A multi-cage configuration allows running simultaneously the Vogel test in up to 32 cages. Each home cage is associated with one lick sensor/Shock generator (76-0334). Each 8 lick sensor/Shock generators are connected to a link box (76-0156) and up to 8 link boxes can be connected in daisy chain. The PackWin software is used for protocol edition, data acquisition and data analysis.

The interconnection among the last link box of the chain and the computer is carry out through a RS232/USB communication. The test can be run on a Laptop.

Catalog PagesG56G56G56
Internal Memory Capacity   
Model NumberLE10025LE8624LE8626
Shock Duration0.1 to 10 seconds  
Shock Range0.1 to 2 mA  
PB-MF-MAN-019-REV1.0 LE10025_Vogel test shocker without scrambler.pdfVogel Test Shocker without Scrambler - English
PB-MF-MAN-019-ES-REV1.0 LE10025_Chocador para Vogel test sin scrambler.pdfVogel Test Shocker without Scrambler - Spanish