Very Large Rectangular Open Bath for Slice Studies (RC-29)

Very Large Rectangular Open Bath for Slice Studies (RC-29)

The RC-29 is designed for slice studies requiring controlled atmospheric conditions.

  • Designed for tissue slice studies
  • Gas perfusion ports allow for controlled atmospheric conditions
  • Provides for perfusate flow both above and below a tissue slice
  • Provides good access for immersion optics and electrodes
  • Can be used with either upright or inverted microscopes
  • Large imaging area
  • Slice anchors available

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-0244 Slice Chamber RC-29 with Atmospherics
64-0283 Series 20 Plain Platform, Model P-6D
64-0290 Series 20 Heater Platform, Model PH-6D
64-1528 PM-6D Chamber platform with magnetic clamps
64-1506 (RPC-1) Replacement platform clamps and screws for P-1, P-3, P-4, P-5, and P-6 platforms, 2 pack
64-0190 Plastic Slice Anchor Kit for RC-27L and RC-29 Chambers, SHD-27LPKIT
64-0259 Slice Anchor - Plastic for RC-27L & RC-29, 1.0 mm, SHD-27LP/10
64-0260 Slice Anchor - Plastic for RC-27L & RC-29, 1.5 mm, SHD-27LP/15
64-0261 Slice Anchor - Plastic for RC-27L & RC-29, 2.0 mm, SHD-27LP/2
64-0268 Slice Anchor Kit for RC-27L and RC-29 Chambers, SHD-27LKIT
64-0256 Slice Anchor - Stainless Steel for RC-27L & RC-29, 1.0 mm, SHD-27LH/10
64-0257 Slice Anchor - Stainless Steel for RC-27L & RC-29, 1.5 mm, SHD-27LH/15
64-0258 Slice Anchor - Stainless Steel for RC-27L & RC-29, 2.0 mm, SHD-27LH/2
64-0709 CS-24/50 Coverslips for use with RC-27, RC-27L, RC-27N, RC-27NE, RC-28, and RC-29, 0.15 mm (0.006 in)24 x 50 mm, pkg of 65
64-0755 PE-160/10 Polyethylene Tubing PE-160, 10 ft.
64-0756 (PE-160/100) Polyethylene tubing, PE-160, 100 ft
64-0273 Slice Support for RC-27L and RC-29, SS-3
64-1533 (SS-3G) Mesh slice support for RC-27L, RC-29 recording chambers
64-0106 Model CC-28 Cable Assemblies with Connector for TC-324B/344B
64-0107 TA-29 Replacement Cable with Bead Thermistor
64-0274 Heater Elements (2) for PH (Heater) Platforms with Mounting Pads and Screws, RH-2
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The RC-29 chamber is modeled after the RC-27L (in that it enables solution flow both above and below the tissue slice) with the added feature of atmospheric environmental control.

Similar to the RC-27L, the tissue slice rests on a plastic slice support 0.5 mm above the coverslip floor and is held in place by an optional slice anchor. Slice supports and slice anchors use fine Lycra threads to secure the slice into place allowing maximum access to the preparation. Thread spacing is 1 mm on the slice support and are 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 mm for the slice anchors. Anchors are purchased separately and are available in polycarbonate and stainless steel. Warner also offers anchor kits containing slice anchors (1 each) in each available thread spacing.

The RC-29 has tall sides with sloping surfaces to allow for an atmospheric space. Gas input ports are constructed in the chamber walls and a chamber top, with access port, is also provided. Continuous gas flow into the chamber establishes positive pressure within the chamber maintaining the atmospheric environment.

This chamber requires a platform (PM-6, PH-6, or P-6) and stage adapter to complete the assembly for mounting on a microscope. The chamber bottom is formed by a 24 x 50 mm coverslip.

P-6D   PM-6D stage adapter   
A temperature controller TC-344C or TC-324C that connects to the heated platform can be added to set and maintain a certain temperature.

Perfusion can be achieved by adding a VC-8 or VC-6 perfusion system, the DVW vacuum system takes care of the waste.

The RC-29 chamber is supplied with a plastic SS-3 slice support, 10 ft of PE-160 polyethylene tubing, a chamber cover, and one pack of #1 thickness coverslips (CS-24/50, 24 x 50 mm, pkg. of 50).

Material Polycarbonate
Bath dimensions
(L x W x H)
38 x 18 x 6 mm
Outer dimensions
(L x W x H)
50 x 25 x 4.5 - 8 mm
Volume, by depth 629 μl/mm
Bottom coverglass 24 x 50 mm
Slice support 24 x 50 mm, polycarbonate
Lycra threads at 1 mm
Input tubing
(ID x OD)
1.14 x 1.57 mm (PE-160)
Aspirator coupling 1.67 mm (OD)
Gas perfusion ports Stainless steel, 1.67 mm (OD)

RC-29 drawing

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Integrated Components Brochure_06_7_11.pdfIntegrated Components for Live Cell Imaging Brochure
RC-27L RC-29 Wicking (2000.05.15).pdfInformation for RC27L and RC-29 Wicking Chambers
RC-29 (2000.09.02).pdfRC-29 Chamber Instructions
perfusion_strategies.pdfPerfusion Strategies (Leinders-Zufall)