Universal Perfusion System (UP-100)

Price on Request

The UP-100 is a multi-purpose perfusion system best utilized when different types of organs must be perfused either in situ or ex vivo. The modular design of this system allows easy adaptation for different applications using additions or extensions to the base unit. Typical organs can be liver, kidney, mesenteric bed and heart of guinea pig, rat and mouse.

For in vivo perfusions an operating table is placed under the UP-100 stand. For ex vivo perfusions a moist chamber can be added, or for heart studies. a heart chamber.

For questions or for help configuring a functional system, please contact Technical Services at 800-547-6766 or or via email at  support@hbiosci.com before placing an order. In Europe, please call +49 7665 92000 or email at  sales@hugo-sachs.de.

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