Ultraprecise Manual Control Micromanipulator

Ultraprecise Manual Control Micromanipulator

The base of the manual micromanipulator is in keeping with the mass and stability of the entire instrument

  • Base is 14 x 14 cm
  • Has a three point rest
  • Bored for four M6 bolts
  • Large diameter micrometer spindles on each axis
  • Each have fine adjustment with 25 mm of travel
  • Can be read direct to 5 µm positioning resolution and which can be interpolated to 1 µm resolution

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
60-0594 Ultraprecise Manual Control Micromanipulator
60-0604 Tool Holder, pkg. of 3
69-1066 10 mm Rod Clamp, for use with Magnetic Bases
69-1067 12 mm Rod Clamp, for use with Magnetic Bases
64-1609 (MTB-1) Tilting base, for MM Series micromanipulators
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This ultraprecise manual micromanipulator has a mass of 6 kg and solid workmanship to support the most precise movement with a minimum of hand-transmitted vibration, backlash or drift. The instrument can be used alone or can serve as an ideal mount for even more precise microdrives. The entire micromanipulator can be tilted forward up to 25° so that cells can be penetrated along the axis of one of the drives. The same locking screw that controls the tilt also provides coarse height adjustment. The probe holder has multiple locking swivels allowing it to be positioned at any angle relative to the X, Y or Z axes.