OnDemand: Analysis of Amino Acids – A Key Analytical Tool


This webinar addresses questions such as what are amino acids, where are they used, and why is amino acid analysis required in different industries and sectors. We also review the major principles involved in amino acid analysis. Presented Dec 18, 2014

OnDemand: 2015Q4 (biochrom) Inborn Errors of Metabolism


Following a brief introduction to the measurement of amino acids in clinical laboratories, we review the way in which results are used for patient diagnosis and disease management. This is illustrated with specific case examples.

OnDemand: Advancing Transfection


This webinar provides an overview of electroporation from in vitro, to in vivo, through multiwell plate transfections; addressing the limitations of reagent and viral based methodologies.

OnDemand: fiber optic pressure technique


Need a versatile preclinical pressure measurement system that is stable, precalibrated, small (300 um), and will fit in virtually any vessel or organ? Do you want to perform high fidelity pressure measurement in an MRI environment? Presented Nov 6, 2013

OnDemand: PatchMaster


Recorded PATCHMASTER training session

OnDemand: Multichannel suite


We are excited to present our new software, the Multi Channel Suite. Consisting of 3 tools, it provides solutions from data acquisition, over data analysis to conversion to third-party programs.

OnDemand: Patchserver


The PatchServer is world-wide the only automatic Patch-Clamp system that is able to establish single-channel and whole-cell recording configurations using tools and techniques from the manual patch approach.

OnDemand: MEA accessories


If you have used your MEA-System for years, it might be time to upgrade you existing set-up. Recently, MCS has developed various add-ons, that could enhance your set-up.

OnDemand: Intro to MEA2100


This webinar provides an introduction to the Multichannel Systems MEA2100-System, a versatile and powerful solution for in vitro electrophysiology.

OnDemand: Multiwell MEA


We are proud to present the Multiwell-MEA-System, the perfect solution for medium to high throughput electrophysiology.

OnDemand: Roboinject


During this webinar, we will present the Roboinject, the first and only commercially available fully automated robot for compound injection into oocytes,eggs, and embryos using industry standard 96, 384, as well as custom well plates.

OnDemand: cardio 2D


For the analysis of cardiac culture and tissue, we offer an advanced software: Cardio2D.

OnDemand: CMOS MEA


Providing 4225 recording sites separated by only a few microns, the active CMOS-chip can image electrical activity at a sub-cellular resolution.

OnDemand: Smart 3


Need increased flexibility and reliability from a video tracking system? Need to accommodate the widest range of preclinical and neuroscience applications? Need customizable data reports with integrated calculation functionality? Presented Jun 18, 2013

OnDemand: optogenetics


This webinar offers an overview of the evolution of optogenetics. We explain our solution for wireless optogenetic stimulation, focusing on key features and benefits, as well as review surgical techniques for this application. Presented Feb 27, 2015

OnDemand: The BLM workstation


Warner’s Planar Lipid Bilayer Workstation is a flexible and capable platform for the study of ion channel transport. This webinar focuses on the workstation’s unique capabilities. Published results are discussed. Presented Oct 15, 2013

OnDemand: Recording with the TEV-700


Warner Instruments invites you to view an informative and interesting 45 minute webinar where we demonstrate the power and simplicity of working with Warner's TEV-700 Oocyte Recording Workstation. Presented June 25, 2013

OnDemand: intro to oklolab


This webinar introduces Okolab incubation systems for time-lapse microscopy and discusses the platform types . General guidelines for selecting the most appropriate platform are offered. Presented Jan 29, 2015

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