Tabletop Anesthesia Machine

Price on Request

The Tabletop Anesthesia Machine has a single oxygen flowmeter.  Its compact design takes up little bench space, is easily portable and can fit into most laboratory ventilation hoods.

  •  Non-rebreathing system for animals under 10 lb
  • Selectatec vaporizer mounting system
  • Vaporizer not included

This unit has 3 parallel independent quick-connect gas outputs making it very versatile.  This allows halogenated gas to be distributed at the same concentration to one, two or three anesthetic devices, such as a mask, induction box, etc.

Up to 2 additional flowmeters can be added.  Additional flowmeters need to be ordered with the anesthesia machine because they are factory installed.

This machine includes a 9-foot O2 hose (USA), pre-installed 0.1 to 4 LPM oxygen flowmeter and 3 meters of fresh gas tubing.

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