Capnograph for Small Rodents (Type 340) The Type 340 capnograph for rats and mice is equipped with a built-in highly sensitive infrared --> Learn More
V8401 Hand-Held Capnocheck The V8401 Capnocheck is a highly transportable monitor designed to provide spot-check reading of --> Learn More
V9004 Series Capnographs V9004 Series Capnograph monitor provides capnography, ETCO2, inspired --> Learn More
V3395 Temperature SpO2 and Respiration Monitor with SAC Technology The V3395 monitor is ideal for a wide variety of applications including surgery, pre and --> Learn More
Accessories for V9004 Series Capnographs Replacement sensors, sensor cables, graphics printer and cable,and other accessories for the --> Learn More
Replacement Parts for V3395 Temperature SpO2 and Respiration Monitor These items are replacement parts for use with the V3395 Temperaure, SpO2 and --> Learn More

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