VentElite Small Animal Ventilator

Price on Request

The Harvard Apparatus VentElite allows for pressure or volume controlled ventilation in animals ranging in size from mouse to guinea pig. The large touch screen features a real-time graphical representation of the measured pressure as well as numeric displays of pressure, tidal volume, and respiration rate. Features of the VentElite include manual or programmable Sigh, Inspiratory or Expiratory Hold, adjustable I:E, and audible alarms.

  • Ideal for mice to guinea pigs (10 g to 1 kg)
  • Real time graphical display of tracheal pressure
  • Easy to use color touchscreen
  • Interchangable between volume and pressure modes
  • Internal pressure monitoring for detection of over and under pressure conditions
  • Manual or programmable Sigh
  • Inspiratory or Expiratory Hold
  • Adjustable I:E


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