Our ventilators are compatible with any of our complete anesthesia systems using a ventilator-anesthesia connection kit. A range of intubation and respiratory cannulae is also available for your respiratory setup.


VentElite Small Animal Ventilator The Harvard Apparatus VentElite allows for pressure or volume controlled ventilation in --> Learn More
MiniVent Ventilator for Mice (Model 845), Single Animal, Volume Controlled The MiniVent Model 845 Ventilator is a quiet, compact and light weight ventilator. While it --> Learn More
MidiVent Ventilator for Large Mice and Small Rats (Model 849), Single Animal, Volume Controlled The MidiVent Model 849 Ventilator is a quiet, compact and light weight ultra low volume --> Learn More
MicroVent Ventilator for Prenatal Mice (Model 848), Single Animal Volume Controlled The MicroVent Ventilator is a constant-volume respiration pump operating on the Starling --> Learn More
Small Animal Ventilator (Model 683), Single Animal, Volume Controlled The Model 683 Small Animal Ventilator comes standard with two piston and cylinder assemblies. --> Learn More
Large Animal Ventilator (Model 613), Single Animal, Volume Controlled This is the workhorse of the Harvard Apparatus Volume Controlled Ventilators. There are --> Learn More
Mouse and Perinatal Rat Ventilator (Model 687), Single Animal, Volume Controlled The Model 687 Mouse Ventilator is for mice and perinatal rats up to 200 g (7 oz). It has a --> Learn More
HSE-HA Pressure Monitor & Limiter for Small Animals The HSE-HA Pressure Monitor and Limiter is placed between the ventilator and animal. --> Learn More
Ventilator Overhaul Kits Overhaul kits for Harvard Apparatus mechanical ventilators. Learn More
Battery Pack for MicroVent, MiniVent and MidiVent Provides transportability while under ventilation, providing up to 100 hours of use from a --> Learn More

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