Tubing and Connectors

Catheter Adapter This adapter enables a Luer syringe to be inserted into a wide mouth catheter. The Luer --> Learn More
Stainless Steel Tubing Connectors Instech stainless steel tubing couplers are used to connect catheters to external --> Learn More
Tubing Plugs These tubing couplers are used to connect catheters to external infusion tubing. The plug can be --> Learn More
Luer Stubs (Blunt Needles) Use these female Luer stubs to connect infusion tubing or catheters to syringes or other male --> Learn More
FastBreak Cannulas™ These splittable introducer cannulae are the ideal way to quickly and easily introduce a fluid --> Learn More
CO-EX™ External Infusion Tubing CO-EX™ was developed to address the problem in drug infusion studies whereby compounds --> Learn More
Polyurethane Intravascular Tubing Bulk PU tubing is provided non-sterile. It can be ETO sterilized but not --> Learn More
PinPorts™ for Catheters and Tubing The Instech PinPort provides fast, aseptic access to externalized rodent catheters or tubing --> Learn More
Y and X Connectors (3- and 4-Way Connectors) These Instech Y and X connectors feature three stainless steel tubes and a hub made of --> Learn More

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