Feeding Needles and Dosing Catheters

Rubber Dosing Catheters Molded in rubber with side eye outlets near the tip. Other sizes of rubber catheters --> Learn More
PVC Dosing Catheters PVC dosing catheters are single packed, non-sterile. Each catheter has one side eye and a Luer --> Learn More
Dosing Cannulae - Straight, Curved or Lawton Curved Suitable for small animals, reptiles and birds, these cannulae are made of stainless steel --> Learn More
Stainless Steel Feeding Needles - Straight, Curved and Bent These precision-crafted stainless steel balls and tubing will not injure sensitive tissues. They --> Learn More
Disposable Feeding Needles These feeding needles feature plastic Luer hubs and silicone tips. Supplied straight, but can be --> Learn More
Instech Plastic Feeding Tubes Many researchers have converted to the plastic feeding tube for the increased tubing flexibility --> Learn More
Instech Stainless Steel Feeding Needles While many researchers prefer the convenience of disposable plastic feeding tubes, --> Learn More

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