Acrylic Rabbit Restrainers These transparent acrylic rabbit restrainers have highly polished edges to prevent chaffing, --> Learn More
Fully Adjustable Acrylic Rabbit Restrainer The back plate of this Restrainer is divided into two separate adjustable pieces, a curved --> Learn More
Polycarbonate Rabbit Restrainers This is a completely autoclavable poly-carbonate restrainer with stainless steel --> Learn More
Rodent Restrainers These rodent restrainers are cylindrical and are mounted onto a flat sturdy base. They have a --> Learn More
Broome Rodent Restrainers These popular Broome Restrainers provide fast and easy animal insertion. The cylindrical --> Learn More
Flat Bottom Rodent Restrainers These Flat Bottom Restrainers have one circular opening on top and a slot on the bottom for --> Learn More
Tube Type Holders Rodent Restrainers Tube type holder restrainers for animals of various weights. Learn More
Universal Rodent Restrainers These Universal Rodent Restrainers have a unique raised inner floor which provides a better --> Learn More
Rodent Restraint Cone These clear polyfilm disposable rodent restraint cones are an economical way to hold and --> Learn More
Rodent Restraint Bags These Rodent Restraint Bags constructed of Easy-Flex-PE™ provide effortless wrapping --> Learn More

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