Ear Tag Identification Set for Larger Rodents This Ear Tag Identification Set provides an easy method of permanently tagging laboratory --> Learn More
Micro-Tattooing System This Tattooing System is a quick, efficient and affordable method of permanently identifying --> Learn More
Tattoo Set This tattoo set can be used on a variety of animals such as rodents, primates, dogs, fish, --> Learn More
Tattooing Pigment This tattooing pigment is available in five colors and is supplied in a 2 ounce --> Learn More
Biopsy Ear Punch The Biopsy Ear Punch has a dual cutting edge that cuts rather than tears, minimizing --> Learn More
Micron Biopsy Punches These Micron Punches are ideal for dissection or removal ("punch") of discrete brain regions. --> Learn More
Ear Punches Easily operated hole punching device suitable for marking small rodents whenever a permanent --> Learn More
Small Animal Ear Tags and Applicator These Ear Tags are for use with mice and rats and similarly sized animals. Tags have a three --> Learn More
Marking Pens These Sharpie® indelible felt tip Marking Pens are excellent for writing on --> Learn More
Power Tracker Electronic ID Systems Utilizing patented technology, the Tracker Series systems provide precise, secure, and --> Learn More

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