Stimulus Isolation Unit (SIU-202)

Stimulus Isolation Unit (SIU-202)

The SIU-202 is ideal for providing stimulation when stimulus artifacts must be kept to a minimum, such as in nerve or muscle research.

  • Constant current in 3 ranges up to 10 mA
  • 100 volt compliance with LED indicator
  • Optical coupling isolates stimulator from pulse source
  • Battery powered for low noise recording applications
  • Compatible with electrophysiological applications
  • Variable compliance voltage feature

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-1933 (SIU-202) Stimulus Isolation Unit Constant Current
64-1934 (SIU-202FOC) Fiber-Optic Converter
64-1425 CC-102 Cable, male banana to 1 mm jacks (for use with Warner field stimulation chambers)
460-8090 Rack handle (2U)
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The SIU-202 is ideal for providing stimulation when stimulus artifacts must be kept to a minimum, such as in nerve or muscle research.SIU-202

This instrument features optical isolation at the input, and a battery powered constant current delivery circuit. Timing pulses can be controlled by any device capable of generating a TTL level positive pulse (for example, a computer with data acquisition).

On the rear of the instrument are two TTL inputs; one comprising a standard BNC input, the other using an optional fiber-optic converter box. The fiber-optic eliminates all grounded connections to the SIU-202.

Output amplitude is set using a range-mode switch in conjunction with a ten-turn potentiometer to set a percentage of the selected range. The constant current output features 100 volt compliance with a LED over-voltage indicator. The compliance voltage may also be set to a lower voltage by simply reducing the number of 9 volt batteries installed.

A low battery light provides advanced notice of battery status and ultra low power electronics provide up to 250 hours of operation with a 2 mA output setting.

Output connection is via the panel-mounted 5-way binding posts, (banana jacks).

Output Waveform Current Pulse
Output Current Ranges 0.1, 1.0, and 10.0 mA
Output Compliance 100 V
Output Polarity Selected by Mode Switch
Amplitude Control Multi-turn dial
Input Pulse Requirements TTL level, positive pulse 3 volt, 1 mA minimum
Input Pulse Timing 100 ìs minimum pulse width
Input Connector BNC, optional fiber-optic
Input Isolation 5,300 volts rms
Isolation Resistance 1012 Ω
Output Connector 5-way binding posts (Banana Jacks)
Power Requirements 16 - 9 volt alkaline batteries
Physical Size, H x W x D 4.5 x 15.9 x 27.9 cm
Shipping Weight 3 kg
Warranty One year, parts and labor
SIU202_1.pdfSIU-202 Manual