Stereotaxic Surgery In The Rat: A Photographic Series

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By Richard K. Cooley, C.H. Vanderwolf. Over the past few decades the use of stereotaxic procedures in animal laboratories has become commonplace throughout the world. But despite the widespread and increasing use of the stereotaxic instrument in research, very few adequate books of instruction have been published for the novice and student. There has been a need for a manual which provides a clear, step by step outline of the procedures involved in stereotaxic surgery with the most common laboratory animal, the rat. Richard K. Cooley and C.H. Vanderwolf have written such a book. Their manual combines excellent illustration with clear and well organized text. This 8.5 x 11 inch spiral bound paperback contains over 40 full page photographs illustrating each of the steps involved in the routine implantation of a chronic intracranial electrode. The photographs themselves are beautifully conceived and reproduced. Each photograph is accompanied by a facing page giving a clear outline of the procedure illustrated. The book developed in its present form as a result of the authors’ experience in undergraduate laboratory teaching. Therefore, it is uniquely suitable for use by individuals who have had little or no previous surgical experience. Spiral-bound - 102 pages 1 edition (May 1, 1990).

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