Large Animal Stereotaxic Mounting & Base Plates

Large Animal Stereotaxic Mounting & Base Plates

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
72-4803 Base Plate, Slotted, 305 x 914 mm (12 x 36 in) for Large Animal Stereotaxic (Model 51872)
72-4802 Base Plate, 330 x 432 mm (17 x 13 in) for Large Animal Stereotaxic (Model 51871)
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The optional 72-4803, mounting plate 305 x 914 mm (12 x 36 in) has four, full-length tee slots for mounting other instruments on the same base with a 72-4798 or 72-4800 parallel rail stereotaxic. • Reliable Locks
• Laser Engraved Scales
• Affordably Priced

The Lab Standard™ Large Animal Stereotaxic Instrument provides superior performance. Up to four manipulator arms may be conveniently positioned on the two parallel rails. Thus, several probes may be independently positioned in one animal.

Easily Read Scales
Precise, laser engraved graduation lines allow vernier scales to be aligned to a higher degree of accuracy than with other makes of stereotaxic instruments. The numbers are oriented to enhance readability from common user positions.

Reliable Locks
It is at times necessary to tilt the stereotaxic frame to gain access to the animal’s side or underside. A novel locking mechanism makes this tilt both easy to accomplish, and locks securely.
The tilting and angling universal joint on Lab Standard manipulators have the most secure, reliable locks of any stereotaxic instrument.

Components Included
The 51800 comes equipped with:
Two 51804 L.H. Manipulators
Two 51806 R.H. Manipulators
One 51826 Cat/Monkey Head Holder with 18° Ear Bars or One 5182 Dog/Monkey Adaptor
One 51801 Parallel Rail Frame
One 51680 4 x 4 in mounting supportstand.

Base plates are ordered separately. Adaptors for rat, mouse and other species are available.

The 51851 Dog Frame is longer, includes a highly adjustable dog head holder, and 2 sets of ear bar blocks to allow configuration for large dogs.

The scales for the 51800 series earbars are in a different position than on the 51600 series. All species adaptors and earbars manufactured by Stoelting are available for the 51600 and 51800 series of stereotaxic instruments, except the Dog Adaptor 51852. The 51858 A-P Microdrive provides fine movement control in the anterior posterior dimension with 25 mm. range and 10µm graduations. It mounts between the rails and the manipulator. The 51858 includes a longer probe holder shaft to compensate for the extra height.

Base Plates
To complete your Stereotaxic Frame you must purchase a base plate. Two different plates are available. The 51872 base plate has slots for mounting other instruments on the same base with a 51800 series stereotaxic. The 51871 is a 13 x 17 in flat base plate without slots. A 4 x 4 in mounting plate with 2 sets of four mounting holes is included with the 51800 series stereotaxics. One set of holes is on 2 in centers and the other set is on 3.5 in centers.
Length English3617
Width English1213