Startle and Fear Combined System (Panlab)

Startle and Fear Combined System (Panlab)

The StartFear Combined system is a polyvalent system for conducting both fear conditioning and startle reflex experiments in rodents.

  • Combined system for startle/freezing
  • Combined system for rats/mice
  • Weight transducer sensitivity optimized for mice
  • Easily removable tray
  • Different spacial context configurations available for fear conditioning paradigms
  • Accurate and traceable data
  • One same enclosure for both rat and mouse
  • No PCI cards required (USB connection)

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
76-0280 (LE116) FREEZING AND STARTLE box with sensors, stimuli including Sound Attenuating Box
76-0240 (LE100501M) Shock Grid for Very Small Animals (6 mm bar-spaced)
76-0281 (LE111) Control unit - Load Cell Amplifier (1/box)
76-1074 (LE1184) Stimuli Interface Unit (up to 4 chambers)
76-0283 (LE1188) Control Unit - Stimuli Interface Unit (for up to 8 boxes)
76-0159 (LE10026) Shock Generator with Scrambler
76-0675 (LE117MM) Holder for Startle Reflex, Mouse - (up to 25g - check the holder size)
76-0235 (LE117M) Holder for Startle Reflex, Mouse - (up to 35g - check the holder size)
76-1056 (LE117RM) Holder for Startle Reflex, Mouse/Rat (up to 50-100 g - check the holder size)
76-0236 (LE117R) Holder for Startle Reflex, Rat (up to 200g - check the holder size)
76-0676 (LE117RR) Holder for Startle Reflex, Rat (up to 250-300g - check the holder size)
76-0002 (PACKWIN V2.0) Software Platform for behavior/operant boxes - Needs Experimental Modules
76-0328 (LE115) Accessory - Contextual Kit for Fear Conditioning
76-0286 (LE119) Air Puff Unit for Startle Experiments (no air source provided)
76-0701 (PACKWINCSFR) Fear conditioning Experimental module
76-0702 (PACKWINCSST) Startle reflex Experimental module
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The Startle and Fear Combined system (StarFear system) is a polyvalent system for conducting both fear conditioning and startle reflex experiments in one same enclosure, regardless the animal is a rat or a mouse.

Basically, the Startle and Fear Combined system allows recording and analysis of the signal generated by the animal movement through a high sensitivity Weight Transducer system.

The analogical signal is transmitted to the FREEZING and STARTLE software modules through the load cell unit for recording purposes and posterior analysis in terms of activity/immobility (FREEZING) or startle response characterization (STARTLE).

An additional interface associated with corresponding hardware allows controlling the stimuli (light, sounds, shock, air puff) from the STARTLE and FREEZING modules of the PACKWIN software (PACKWINCSST and PACKWINCSFR, respectively).

The StartFear cage is made with black methacrylate walls and a transparent front door. In fear conditioning experiment, the walls, cover and floor can be of different materials or colours. Moreover, a transparent cylinder can be placed into the experimental chamber in order to modify the contextual spatial perception of the subject during the test phase.
DimensionsChamber: 250 (W) x 250 (D) x 250 (H) mm90 (Length) x 30 (Diam.) mm100 (Length) x 34 (Diam.) mm150 (Length) x 44 (Diam.) mm200 (Length) x 64 (Diam.) mm225 (Length) x 74 (Diam.) mm
Floor gridIncluded grid : 10 mm spaced bars, LE100501/760240 grid: 6 mm spaced bars
Material CompositionMethacrylate, aluminium, stainless steel
Maximum number of stations8 stations connected to a PC
Sounds Frequency and AmplitudePrePulse/Pulse: adjustable from 200 to 10000 Hz - max 120 dB; White noise: from 60 to 120 dB
Computer requirementFor sound card and performance requirements, a specific model of HP computer is recommended (ask for more information)

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PB-MF-MAN-023-REV-1.0 LE116-LE111_StartFear box and load cell control unit.pdfStartle & Freezing Behavioral Box and Load Cell Control Unit - English
PB-MF-MAN-023-ES-REV-1.0 LE116-LE111_Caja StartFear y unidad de control de las celulas de carga.pdfStartle & Freezing Behavioral Box and Load Cell Control Unit - Spanish
PB-MF-MAN-024-REV-1.1 LE118_STARTFEAR Stimuli Interface.pdfStartle & Freezing Stimuli Interface - English
PB-MF-MAN-024-ES-REV-1.1 LE118_Interfaz de estimulos STARTFEAR.pdfStartle & Freezing Stimuli Interface - Spanish
PB-MF-MAN-020-REV1.0 LE10026_Shocker with scrambler pdfBehavioral Chambers Shocker with Scrambler - English
PB-MF-MAN-020-ES-REV1.0 LE10026_Chocador con scrambler.pdfBehavioral Chambers Shocker with Scrambler - Spanish