Standard Infuse/Withdraw PHD 22/2000 Syringe Pumps

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Note: The Harvard Apparatus PHD 22/2000 Advance Syringe Pump family will be discontinued in 2020. Our PHD ULTRA™ series of syringe pumps offer a superior touch-screen replacement for the PHD 22/2000 with improved accuracy and precision. The PHD ULTRA™ LCD color touch screen display and intuitive icon interface provide unparalleled ease of use so you can efficiently program simple to complex pumping methods without a PC. Please follow this link to see the comparable PHD ULTRA™ models.

The Harvard PHD 22/2000 Advance Syringe Pump family is the most versatile of the pump lines. This pump is available in infuse/withdraw and programmable configurations.

All pumps have RS-232 communications capabilities, but there are also PHD 22/2000 pumps that are programmable directly from the keypad. In addition, a multitude of syringe racks are available to hold 2, 4 or up to 10 syringes. A microliter syringe rack is also available for microliter applications.

Remote versions are also available where the control box and pumping mechanism are separated by a 9.1 meter (30 foot) cable. These models are listed separately on the Harvard Apparatus website.

Please follow this link for syringe options.

Please follow this link for tubing and connector options.

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