Spill Detection System

Spill Detection System

Warner Instruments is pleased to introduce a new product designed to detect leaks on your microscope before they cause a problem! The OS-250 Overflow/Spill provides a simple and effective method for detecting leaks and spills around sensitive equipment (such as a microscope). The integrated switched power controller can be used to rapidly turn off all pump and perfusion systems in the event of a spill. When assembled, the OS-250 can respond to as few a 3 drops of liquid.

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• Prevent Costly Downtime
• Easy to install
• Compatible with upright and inverted microscopes
• As little as 3 drops of liquid will cause the OS-250 to react
• Easy to install

Features include:
• Cut-able moisture sensitive mats
• Audible and visual alarms
• 8 A switched power supply
• Rapid response to liquid exposure
• Quiet operation
The OS-250 System is designed to detect spills around sensitive equipment and to take preventitive action if able. The system includes special moisture-sensitive mats consisting of material specifically developed for detecting liquid spills. A simple electrical connection between the moisture-sensitive mat and our OS-250 Controller sets the alarm. When as little as three drops of water touches the mat an audible alarm is triggered and an LED starts flashing.

In addition to sounding an alarm, the OS-250 Controller can turn the power off to any device that is plugged into its single, switched power outlet. The power outlet of the OS-250 controller can supply up to 10 A of current and will easily control syringe pumps or valve controllers. The photo above shows a rear view of the OS-250 controller box.

The OS-250 System is supplied with four 30 X 30 cm moisture-sensitive mats that can be cut to any size or shape using sharp scissors or a straightedge.