Small Volume Closed Bath Imaging Chambers (RC-20, RC-20H)

Small Volume Closed Bath Imaging Chambers (RC-20, RC-20H)

Polycarbonate chambers featuring fast perfusate exchange and linear solution flow.

  • Closed bath chamber design
  • Our smallest volume, closed bath chambers
  • Ideal for fluorescent, calcium, and time-lapse imaging studies

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-0222 Small Volume Imaging Chamber, 48 ul
64-0223 Small Volume Imaging Chamber, 90 ul
64-0281 Series 20 Plain Platform, Model P-5
64-0288 Series 20 Heater Platform, Model PH-5
64-1564 PM-5 Chamber platform with magnetic clamps
64-1506 (RPC-1) Replacement platform clamps and screws for P-1, P-3, P-4, P-5, and P-6 platforms, 2 pack
64-0755 PE-160/10 Polyethylene Tubing PE-160, 10 ft.
64-0756 (PE-160/100) Polyethylene tubing, PE-160, 100 ft
64-0703 CS-15R Coverslips for use with RC-20, RC-20H, and RC-25F Chambers, 0.15 mm (0.006 in), 15 mm diameter, pkg of 100
64-0713 CS-15R15 Coverslips use with RC-20, RC-20H, RC-25F, RC-42LP, RC-37WC Chambers, 0.17 mm (0.0067 in), 15 mm diameter, pkg of 100
64-0276 Replacement Retaining Ring
64-0106 Model CC-28 Cable Assemblies with Connector for TC-324B/344B
64-0107 TA-29 Replacement Cable with Bead Thermistor
64-0274 Heater Elements (2) for PH (Heater) Platforms with Mounting Pads and Screws, RH-2
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The RC-20 and RC-20H are very small volume imaging chambers featuring fast solution exchange and short working distance. The smaller and narrower RC-20 insures linear solution flow and fast exchange while the RC-20H features a larger viewing area. An access port (Hamilton syringe compatible)* at the bath input may be used to inject substances into the solution flow or to remove gas bubbles.

Two 15 mm round coverslips enclose the bath. The distance between the top and bottom coverslips is 1 mm. The top coverslip is secured into place with a retainer ring.

Studies involving physiological bicarbonate buffers can be performed with these chambers with no gas loss at the chamber interface. In addition the closed design allows the use of permeable supports. With laminar flow, minimal distortion of the sample will occur during perfusion.

RC-20 and RC-20H chambers require a platform (PM-5,PH-5 or P-5) and stage adapter to complete the assembly for mounting onto a microscope.

chamber 2   chamber 1  chamber 3 
A temperature controller TC-344C or TC-324C that connects to the heated platform can be added to set and maintain a certain temperature. Perfusion can be achieved by adding a VC-8 or VC-6 perfusion system, the DVW vacuum system takes care of the waste.

Each chamber is supplied with a package of #1 thickness glass coverslips (CS-15R, 15 mm diameter, 100/pkg), 10 ft of PE-160 tubing, and a CR-15 top coverslip retaining ring.

* 25 Gauge (0.45 mm OD) needle

Material polycarbonate polycarbonate
Bath dimensions
(L x W)
11.5 x 6.3 mm 10.5 x 10.0 mm
Volume, by depth 36 μl/mm 70 μl/mm
Top coverglass 15 mm round 15 mm round
Bottom coverglass 15 mm round 15 mm round
Injection port
(ID x OD)
0.91 x 0.56 mm, stainless steel 0.91 x 0.56 mm, stainless steel
Input tubing
(ID x OD)
1.14 x 1.57 mm (PE-160) 1.14 x 1.57 mm (PE-160)
Output tubing
(ID x OD)
1.14 x 1.57 mm (PE-160) 1.14 x 1.57 mm (PE-160)

RC-20 drawing

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