Animal Intensive Care Complete Units with Flat Cover

Price on Request

For post-operative or hypothermic animals, these Intensive Care Units provide a warm, moist, and/or oxygen-enriched environment.

  • Heavy gauge fire retardant plastic
  • Therapeutic temperature range of 25° to 37°C is heated by thermostatic resistance control and temperature is monitored with direct water contact sensor
  • Natural convection currents created in the walls of unit radiate heat, eliminating the need for pump, fan or motor
  • Optional accessory kit allows for administration of oxygen, humidity or nebulization
  • Small units can accommodate animals up to 20 lb
  • Medium and Large units can accommodate animals up to 80 lb
  • Covers include vents to allow warm air and carbon dioxide to escape

Each complete Intensive Care Unit consists of an electrically heated Warmer Base and a transparent plastic dome or flat cover.

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