Six Electrode Respirometer (RC-650)

Six Electrode Respirometer (RC-650)

For replicate respiration measurements of cell suspensions, microbial suspensions, mitochondria or enzyme preparations.

  • Enables up to six replicate respiration experiments
  • Uses the advanced recording and analysis features of the 928 Six-Channel Oxygen Meter and included software
  • Integral unit complete with six-position magnetic stirrer
  • Good visibility of cell contents
  • Variable cell volume of 1 to 3 mL

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
69-3021 6 Electrode Respirometer RC 650
69-3002 (SI-929) Model SI-7929 Six channel oxygen meter with standard respirometry software
69-3006 Microcathode Oxygen Electrode Model 1302 with polypropylene jackets
69-3007 Oxygen Electrode Service Kit
69-3004 (SI-1320F) 1302 Oxygen electrode with jacket for FEP membranes
69-3005 (SI-021) FEP oxygen electrode service kit
69-3039 (SI-068) Spinbars for MT-200A and MS-200A, 6 pack
69-3008 Electrolyte Solution, 125 ml
72-4924 TC120 Thermocirculator, complete with 5 L plastic bath and lid, 120 V
72-4921 TC120 Thermocirculator, complete with 5 L plastic bath and lid, 220 V
64-2244 (WB-KIT) TC-120 Thermocirculator Tubing Kit for EasyMount/Navicyte/Strathkelvin
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The RC650 is comprised of:

  1. A sealed water bath which is connected to your pumped source of constant temperature water.
  2. Six 'active' cells for use in respiration measurements.
  3. Six 'parking' cells to keep the oxygen sensors at the correct temperature when not in use.
  4. Six electrode holders which can be adjusted to set the volume in the 'active' respiration cells to between 1.0 and 3.0 mL (user calibrated).
  5. A 6-position 12 volt magnetic stirrer unit.

The RC650 was designed for use with the 929 Six-Channel Oxygen Meter, for replicate respiration measurements of cell suspensions, microbial suspensions, mitochondria or enzyme preparations. Respiring preparations in metabolic studies are often conducted at 37ºC and have a fast time course. For these studies, it is preferable to use 12.5 µm FEP membranes which have a very fast speed of response (i.e. typically 95% of full response within 6 - 8 secs). These membranes have to be mounted on special electrode jackets (p/n 69-3011) which have a very fine capillary hole opposite the anode. This hole prevents distension of the membrane which would otherwise be caused by pressure building up as the electrode jacket is screwed on.

The respirometer is comprised of a sealed water bath containing both 'active' and 'parking' respirometer cells located above a six-position magnetic stirrer. The six 'active' cells are at the front of the bath and are accurately centered over the coils of the magnetic stirring unit beneath. Each cell is sealed by a neoprene 'O' ring. The volume of the 'active' cells may be set between 1 and 3 mL, by rotating the knurled collar of the electrode holders.

The rear of the bath contains a further six 'parking' cells which are used to park the electrode holders and maintain them at a constant temperature while changing the contents of the respiratory 'active' cells. For easy removal and cleaning the cells are sealed into the water bath by O-rings.

Each electrode holder has an aperture through which the membrane tip of the 1302 Oxygen Sensor protrudes, making a sliding fit into the cells. As the holder is inserted into the preparation, the sloping face at its tip gathers the air into the slot, which runs the complete length of the holder. Respiratory inhibitors or other solutions can be injected directly into the cell via this slot, using a fine bore needle (included).

The electrode holders are made from black acetal. The electrode is positioned in the holder by pressure exerted by the cap on three O rings at the cable-entry end of the electrode. This seals the nose of the electrode against the precision shaped plastic tip of the holder, so that only the membrane-covered cathode protrudes.

Diameter of Cells 16 mm
Volume of Cells 1 to 3 mL (adjustable)
Cell Precision bore glass
Electrode Holder Black acetal, with peek tip
Bath Clear and black acrylic
Magnetic Stirrer 6-position; 12 VDC
from external plugtop power supply,
100-230 V, 47-63 Hz.
rc650_manual.pdfSix Electrode Respirometer (RC-650) Manual