Series 40 Low Profile Microincubation Imaging Chambers

Series 40 Low Profile Microincubation Imaging Chambers

Series 40 Low Profile Microincubation Imaging Chambers

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-0369 Quick Change Chamber 15 mm Low Profile
64-0368 Quick Change Chamber 18 mm Low Profile
64-0367 Quick Change Chamber 25 mm Low Profile
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• Low profile design permits low entry angle of electrodes

• Excellent optical and mechanical access to cells and tissue

• When used with QE-1 Quick Exchange Platform, both temperature and perfusion control are possible
Warner Instruments is pleased to introduce a new family of chambers designed to meet the need for rapid screening of cells grown on coverslips. The innovative design uses O-rings to seal the coverslip to the polycarbonate chamber. Therefore little or no silicone grease is needed and mechanical fasteners are not required for coverslip mounting.

Chambers are available for use with 15, 18, and 25 mm round coverslips. Round, low profile chambers maximize the viewing area and provide optimal access for electrodes. Slotted bath chambers allow rapid solution exchange. A version which includes platinum wires may be used to study cardiac myocytes and other applications requiring field stimulation. The RC-40HP High Profile Chamber allows for a deep bath.

The Series 40 chambers are designed to be compatible with the Warner QE-1 Quick Exchange Platform and the DH-35i Culture Dish Incubator.

The Series 40 family of chambers was designed for research requiring fast exchange of coverslips. The chamber design consists of two parts: a polycarbonate chamber and a 40 mm diameter aluminum base. O-rings are used to seal the coverslip to the polycarbonate chamber and to hold the chamber securely in the aluminum base.

Open bath models are designed for electrophysiological recording and/or optical imaging, and are used in applications including patch clamp, oocyte clamp, and physiological measurements on cell cultures and tissue preparations. The low profile design permits good electrode access to the bath.

The RC-40LP, 41LP, and 42LP Chambers use 25, 18, and 15 mm round coverslips, respectively, in a round bath design to provide maximum viewing area. The chambers work equally well with both water and oil immersion objectives.

The RC-40LP, 41LP, and 42LP Chambers are supplied with one package of #1.5 coverslips each (25, 18, and 15 mm round, respectively) and spare O-rings.