Sensapex Piezo Micromanipulator

Sensapex Piezo Micromanipulator

These ultra-stable piezo micromanipulators sport an extremely small footprint allowing them to be placed close to the sample or in tight spaces.

  • World's smallest piezo micromanipulator
  • 20 mm of travel in all axes
  • Ultra-stable, ultra-precise electrode positioning
  • Battery powered for low noise recording applications
  • Penetration mode provides high acceleration steps for cell insertion

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
69-3437 Complete µM system
69-3432 µM manipulator, three axis, simple bolt-on mounting base
69-3433 µM manipulator, four axis, simple bolt-on mounting base
69-3426 µM touch screen control unit
69-3427 µM rotary wheel remote interface (3 wheel)
69-3428 µM rotary wheel remote interface (4 wheel)
69-3429 µM 1 to 4 hub with extra battery
69-3430 µM ethernet cable for PC connection
69-3431 µM charger with US plug
69-3434 µM Add-on flip/side rotate module
69-3435 µM dove-tail headstage adapter
69-3436 µM multipurpose adapter for 5-10mm diameter electrode holders/rods
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The compact piezo micromanipulators from Sensapex provide ample range of movement and a full featured controller. Precise positioning, combined with inherently drift-free operation and the ability to position the manipulator close to the site, delivers outstanding stability. In addition, the small footprint allows multiple micromanipulator configurations to be placed in tight spaces.

The Sensapex was designed in cooperation with electrophysiologists to maximize the usability and productivity of your research. In addition to electrophysiology applications, this micromanipulator is suitable for any application where high precision positioning is required. The Sensapex micromanipultors come with a two-year limited warranty.

Triple Axis uM Micromanipulator

The uM micromanipultator is the latest from Sensapex. It comes with 3 axis movement, with a fourth axis available upon request. The uM micromanipultor has a very small foot-print and therefore is the best option for a clean setup or a setup with multiple manipulators on one stage. All Sensapex manipulators have Zero drift solid-state technology. Due to low moving mass of the manipulator it does not create vibrations like other manipulators mounted to the stage.
The unit's touch screen controller features an intuitive user interface that allows easy speed adjustment and manipulator selection. A single controller can drive two Rotary Wheels and an unlimited number of manipulators through the use of connector hubs. The system also allows for fast computer interface through Ethernet, paired with an Open source SDK and active development community.
The rotary wheel remote interface connects to the touch screen controller via USB connection. A Four knob version is available for setups with a 4th virtual or physical axis.

The key features of the manipulator include:


  • Compact plug-and-play systems with unlimited scalability
  • Zero drift solid-state drives with integrated closed-loop control
  • 20 mm range with 5 nm resolution and 20 nm repeatability
  • Virtual and physical 4th axis options
  • Easy to use electrode exchange mechanisms
  • Millisecond level synchrony for automated positioning
  • Load 0-150 grams


The manipulator accepts EPC 10 and EPC 8 headstages. The system can be extended to use as many manipulators and is only limited by the space on your stage.

Systems include uM three axis manipulator with bolt-on mounting base, touch screen control unit, 3 wheel rotary wheel interface, flip/side rotate module add-on, and dove-tail headstage adapter.


  Triple Axis µM Triple Axis SMX
Pipette Exchange RS side rotate with back slide RS side rotate with back slide
Movement range 20 x 20 x 20 mm (x-y-z) 20 x 20 x 20 mm (x-y-z)
Speed 10 mm/s 5 mm/s
Step Resolution 5 nm 7 nm
Weight Loads 0-150 g 0-70 g or 70-120 g
Approach Angle 0-45° | 90° (with 4th physical axis) 0-50° or 40-90°
Mounting Bolt on Magnetic or bolt on
Weight   375 g
Physical Size
H x W x D
77 x 42 x 95 mm 87 x 39 x 77 mm
4th Axis Virtual | Physical (Optional)  
  Touch Screen µM Rotary Wheel µM Rotary Sheet SMXstrong>
Battery Li ion (rechargeable, up to 1 week use time None, powered by Touch Screen Li ion (rechargeable, up to 1 week use time
AC Charger 90-264 V, 50-60 Hz   90-264 V, 50-60 Hz
H x W x D
95 x 120 x 123 mm 53 x 170 x 170 mm 40 x 190 x 210 mm


uM-triple-axis-manipulator-brochure.pdfuM Triple Axis Manipulator Brochure
SMX-triple-axis-manipulator-brochure.pdfSMX Triple Axis Manipulator Brochure