SEDACOM Software (Panlab)

SEDACOM Software (Panlab)

SEDACOM is a polyvalent and straightforward communication software for stand-alone equipment.

  • Polyvalent data transfer software
  • RS232/USB communication
  • Informative Experiment Header exportable in the data reports
  • Runtime panels using tabular structure for saving time in the data post-analysis process
  • Editable fields for Subjects and Groups information
  • The data can be saved in a new experimental file (SED) and opened later for adding a new set of data
  • Direct exportation to Excel, txt and htm formats for further data processing, statistics and presentation
  • Configure & control your device directly from SEDACOM (available for some devices: IR actimeter, Treadmill…)
  • USB Installation and License key (everything included in 1 USB key)

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
76-0406 (SEDACOMV2.0) SEDACOM Software V2.0
76-0608 (CONRS232USB) RS-232/USB Adapter for the SEDACOM software
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The new SEDACOM 2.0 version is a very easy, convenient and cost-saving data transfer software providing an ideal environment for visualizing the registered data on a computer and exporting them in a format that simplifies any further post-analysis processes. SEDACOM increases the functionalities of the devices, saving and listing automatically all the data of the current or stored sessions.

SEDACOM can be used with a wide range of devices from several lines of Panlab products for measuring physiology and behaviour in small laboratory animals (motor activity, pain sensitivity, body temperature, memory etc.)

The name of SEDACOM comes from SErial DAta COMmunication due to the direct communication of the Panlab devices to the computer through an RS232 serial port communication. Nowadays, some optional accessories are offered for allowing the use of the USB technology making possible running experiment on a laptop, if requested.

SeDaCom can adquire data from up to 9 devices at the same time, limited exclusively by the number of series ports available on the computer. An additional hub or board with serial ports (not included) can be installed to expand the number of connections. SeDaCom will automatically recognize the number of systems connected.