Screw-Actuated Micrometer Driven Hamilton Syringe

Screw-Actuated Micrometer Driven Hamilton Syringe

A micrometer-actuated syringe mechanism mounted on a small base

  • Ideal for oil-filled injection/aspiration
  • Easy to use
  • Hamilton syringe incorporated
  • Accurate sensitive control
  • Low dead-air volume
  • High suction/pressure
  • Easy to exchange or replace the syringe

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69-0107 Screw Actuated Micrometer Driven Hamilton Syringe
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This Screw-Actuated Hamilton Syringe is designed for
oil/air-assisted micro-injections and micro-aspirations. Its compact
dimensions enable it to be ergonomicallyHamilton Syringe Holder positioned next to the control lever of a micromanipulator to facilitate single-handed operation of both instruments. Suction/injection is achieved by using the rotary-actuator with a fine micrometer-thread, which has a 15 mm movement range.

A 1 mL Hamilton Gastight glass syringe with a Luer-taper is incorporated. A Luer-taper hypodermic needle is mounted on the taper of the Hamilton syringe. The syringe is connected by hard polyethylene tubing to a micropipette, which in turn, may be fitted to a micromanipulator or similar instrument. The 1 mL Hamilton syringe can be easily exchanged for any other Hamilton 1700 syringe series including the 1000, 500, 200, 100 and 50 µL sizes.