Respiration Cells (RC-300 / RC-350)

Respiration Cells (RC-300 / RC-350)

These respiration cells are for small volume measurements of oxygen uptake rate by microbial suspensions, cell suspensions, mitochondria or enzyme preparations.

  • Small sample volume requirements
  • Good visibility of cell contents

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
69-3018 Respiration Cell RC 300, 0.31 ml
69-3019 Respiration Cell RC 350, 1.0 - 3.0 ml
69-3006 Microcathode Oxygen Electrode Model 1302 with polypropylene jackets
69-3001 Model 782 Dual channel oxygen meter with automatic respirometry software
69-3002 (SI-929) Model SI-7929 Six channel oxygen meter with standard respirometry software
69-3027 Replacement Glass for RC-300
69-3028 Replacement Glass for RC-350
69-3032 Spinal needles for use with respiration cells, 3 pack
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The electrode holder (supplied with the cell) slides into one of two glass tubes fused into the glass water jacket. The second tube is used to park the electrode holder when changing solutions. A fine slot in the side of the holder allows air to escape when the holder is inserted into the cell. It may also be used to introduce other solutions during the course of a respiration run and a fine bore needle with luer fitting (included).

A PTFE covered magnetic spinbar is provided and the cell should be located on a magnetic stirrer unit (not provided). For fast reactions, it is recommended that FEP membranes should be used. The RC-300 and RC-350 respiration cells are normally used in conjunction with a 1302 Oxygen Sensor and a 782 Dual-Channel Oxygen Meter (both purchased separately).

Model RC-300 RC-350
Cell Diameter 13 mm 16 mm
Cell Volume 0.3 to 1.0 mL 1.0 to 3.0 mL
Cell Material Glass Glass
Electrode Holder Black acetal Black acetal
rc300_rc350_manual.pdfRespiration Cells (RC-300 / RC-350) Manual