Remote Infusion Only PHD ULTRA™ Syringe Pumps

Price on Request

The PHD ULTRA™ is the solution for your most demanding fluidics applications. This remote infusion only syringe pump represents the latest technology in syringe pumps and was developed utilizing the feedback of the world's largest populations of syringe pump users.

The PHD ULTRA™ will change the way you think about syringe pumps. There are three major areas which make the PHD ULTRA™ the new standard for syringe pumps:

  1. Mechanical drive mechanism and syringe holding mechanics to achieve the highest performance of any syringe pump

  2. EZ PRO Software and user interface allow easy syringe set up
    - LCD, high resolution color touch screen for powerful functionality, yet easy to use

  3. Connectivity: RS 232 and USB for PC; RS 485 for daisy chain

Please follow this link for syringe options.

Please follow this link for tubing and connector options.

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