Remote Infuse/Withdraw NanoCool™ Injector

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The NanoCool™ Injector is a single syringe infusion/withdrawal programmable syringe pump with a flow rate range of 367.4 pl/min to 1.906 ml/min with 11 lb of adjustable force across the entire flow rate range. It can accommodate syringes from 50 µl to 500 µl.

When injecting stem cells viability of cells can be a major issue. The injection system and sample vortex holder are held at 18°C. The cell delivery is totally integrated in it operation through the NanoCool's microprocessor system: power, temperature, injection volumes and flow ramping are all controlled by the NanoCool's program. Keeping the cells at 18°C instead of 37°C reduces O2 consumption by an average of 76%.

The NanoCool™ Injector is very easy to use with an LCD color touch screen and icon interface. This pump allows you to create, save and run simple to complex Methods without a PC. The Method profiles available on this pump are Constant Rate, Ramp, Stepped, Bolus, Concentration, Gradient (binary or ternary), Pulse and Autofill. Delays can be set using the real and relative time clocks.

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