Sample Dialyzer Selection Guide


Reusable Dialyzers
Single-Sided Dialyzer Simple, reusable device for the dialysis of biological samples with sample volumes ranging from 10 µl to 5 ml. 
Ultra-Fast Dialyzer Reusable double-sided sample dialyzer. The second dialysis port allows for a more rapid rate of dialysis than a single-sided dialyzer.
SpinDialyzers and Fast SpinDialyzer Reusable, leak-proof dialyzers with an internal magnetic bar, available with one or two dialysis ports.
Flow-Thru Dialyzer Unique dialyzer ideal for rapid on-line dialysis for HPLC. Handles sample volumes from 20 µl to 10 ml with minimal sample volume loss.
Disposable Dialyzers
Fast Macro Dispodialyzer Ideal for dialysis of large sample volumes 1 to 10 ml.
Micro DispoDialyzer Unique disposable dialyzer for sample volumes from 5 µl to 100 µl.
Ultra-Micro DispoDialyzer Disposable dialyzer for the processing extremely small samples from 1 µl to 5 µl.
96-Well DispoDialyzer For the simultaneous preparation 96 samples using sample volumes from 25 µl to 300 µl
Equilibrium Dialyzers
Fast Micro-Equilibrium Dialyzer Reusable two-chamber system designed to be used in binding or interaction studies. For sample volumes from 25 to 500 µl.
DispoEquilibrium Dialyzer Single use dialyzer for small samples from 25 µl to 75 µl. 
96-Well DispoEquilibrium Dialyzer Unique 96-well dialyzer for simultaneous assay of 96 samples from 50 to 200 µl.
Multi-Equilibrium Dialyzer Reusable dialyzer system for simultaneous and highly reproducible equilibrium dialysis of up to 20 samples with volumes from 0.2 to 5 ml. (Reusable)
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