Quick Release (QR) Magnetic Imaging Chambers

Quick Release (QR) Magnetic Imaging Chambers

Designed to quickly form glass coverslip bottomed imaging chambers using rare earth magnets.

  • Open and closed bath designs
  • Magnetic clamping
  • Silicone o-ring seals
  • Use #1 or #1.5 thickness coverslips
  • Anodized aluminum base for good heat transfer

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-0715 CS-25R15 Coverslips, 0.17 mm (0.0067 in), 25 mm diameter, pkg of 100
64-0714 CS-18R15 Coverslips use with RC-37FC, RC-41LP, RC-43C Chambers, 0.17 mm (0.0067 in), 18 mm diameter, pkg of 100
64-0713 CS-15R15 Coverslips use with RC-20, RC-20H, RC-25F, RC-42LP, RC-37WC Chambers, 0.17 mm (0.0067 in), 15 mm diameter, pkg of 100
64-0705 CS-25R Coverslips, 0.15 mm (0.006 in), 25 mm diameter, pkg of 100
64-0384 CS-18R Coverslips for use with RC-37WC, RC-41LP, and RC-43C, 0.15 mm (0.006 in), 18 mm diameter, pkg of 100
64-0703 CS-15R Coverslips for use with RC-20, RC-20H, and RC-25F Chambers, 0.15 mm (0.006 in), 15 mm diameter, pkg of 100
64-0702 CS-12R Coverslips for use with RC-25 Chamber, 0.15 mm (0.006 in, 12 mm diameter, pkg of 100
64-1921 (SA-40PS1) Adapter Ring for Pecon Heating Insert P
64-0375 Quick Exchange Heated Base w/ Perfusion and Adapter Ring Kit
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The QR Series quickly form coverslip-bottom imaging chambers using standard size coverslips. A silicone o-ring seals the coverslip to the polycarbonate chamber using eight powerful rare earth magnets.

Assembly and disassembly of the chamber is easy, just hold the base and rotate the chamber 10º in either direction to release the magnets. This allows rapid assembly of the chamber without the use of silicone grease.

Round, low profile chambers maximize the viewing area and provide optimal access for electrodes and are available for use with 12, 15, 18, and 25 mm round coverslips. Slotted bath chambers allow rapid solution exchange. A version which includes platinum wires may be used to study cardiac myocytes and other applications requiring field stimulation.

The Quick Release Chambers are designed to be compatible with the Warner QE-1 Quick Exchange Platform, and the DH-35i and DH-40i Culture Dish Incubators.

Integrated Components Brochure_06_7_11.pdfIntegrated Components for Live Cell Imaging Brochure
QR-43C (111111),pdfQR-43C User's Manual
QR-40 41 42 48 LP (111111).pdfQC 40, 41, 42 and 48 User's Manual